Chess Guidelines for Parents & Rules of the Academy

Fri Jun 4, 2021

From Sai Prahlad K, Coach:

  1. Do not scold your child for mistakes in chess. only I will do the needful scolding. Parents do not scold or beat them for mistakes in chess.
  2. If I take disciplinary action, don’t interfere.
  3. Have realistic objectives. A child cannot understand everything in 1 day. Whenever you learn something new it will be difficult and hard, striving is needed. You need to give a minimum of 3 months.
If everything in life was easier then won’t be Prekg, LKG, 1 to 10th +1 +2 xyz. You need to give time and patience for understanding. Those who quit early stay where they are, and those that strived are now defeating opponents 10 times their age.
  1. Play the tournaments and simuls. Whatever possible. Winning/Losing is secondary. Playing, getting experience, and sportsmanship is more important.
Our 8-year-old Sana lost 598 games, won 1100 games in 1 year.
Our 7-year-old Aarna lost 911 games, won 1100 games in 1 year.
9-year-old Abishek has lost 2387 games, won 2581 games in 1 year.

Don’t fret about losing. Time and patience are needed. Don’t limit your child’s growth. Let them play, get beaten up, and rise up. This will make them better individuals. We are using the Natural Method of Development. Not everyone will be able to follow the path. But those that do will get results.

  1. Do not encourage quitting, moving from 1 field to other will not make them champions. Time, energy, money, and attention should be invested for growth.
  2. Do not encourage cheating. With technology, there are ways to cheat using computer guidance or adult guidance.
Don't encourage that, and parents don’t help your kids. Let them play and lose. Only then they will grow up. In the future during official tournaments online or offline, no one can help them.
  1. Age is not a barrier. Don’t think your child can’t do this or that, encourage them to act. There are many small 5.5 years in level 3. Like Ajay, Dhakshan, and so forth.
  2. Make sure the students attend the class with an empty mind, empty bowl, and cup.
    Learning from too many people at a young age can cause confusion about ideas.
Sometimes boys more so than girls, think they know everything and don’t take in what is said. This has to be corrected.Try introducing Yoga 🧘‍♀️ and Meditation 🧘‍♂️Before class do a small prayer to your God, deep breathe and be calm.
  1. Feel free to communicate with me / call during day time.
During class hours I will not pick up the phone. All general communication is done through WhatsApp groups. Due to managing the progress of my students, and preparing for nationals. Sometimes I forget to get back or reply. Feel free to ping me multiple times to get what you want. But in terms of the technical side of things do it early, at the last minute I cannot help you. Check WhatsApp group messages for information. Regarding payments do so before the 15th of every month. Doing it in the first week is much appreciated. The student accounts/Platforms are not free. Hence if payments are not done on time. The student accounts will be disabled. 

To be able to provide so many events back to back and classes and technical side. Takes a lot of time and effort. So please aid me to the best of your ability.

Thank you
Coach Sai Prahlad K

Sai Prahlad K

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